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Setup Grafana email notification via SendGrid SMTP (also for Bitnami Grafana)

Setup API Key on SendGrid

  1. Go to your SendGrid account and go to API Keys section.
  2. Add new API Key with, at least, Mail Send permission.
  3. Copy generated API Key. Your key should start with SG.

Grafana setup

  1. You have to edit Grafana configuration. Refer to Grafana Configuration documentation on where to find your config file. For Bitnami Grafana distribution you can find it here: /opt/bitnami/grafana/conf/grafana.ini
  2. Look for [smtp] section and either update existing one or add new one
enabled = true
host = smtp.sendgrid.net:587
user = apikey
skip_verify = false
from_address = admin@grafana.localhost
from_name = Grafana

3. Restart Grafana: official documentation, Bitnami documentation.


  1. Go to Alert notification channels (/alerting/notifications)
  2. Create new channel with type email.
  3. Add email address
  4. Hit Test
  5. You should receive test notification sent by Grafana through SendGrid SMTP sevice!

Few remarks

enabled = true – by default it’s false and then SMTP is disabled.

smtp.sendgrid.net:587 – you can try different ports but this one is recommended by SendGrid here Integrating with the SMTP API.

user – you have to provide apikey as user, otherwise you will end up with 550 Unauthenticated senders not allowed.

skip_verify – in other SMTP servers you may have to set this to true, yet for SendGrid it will cause problems as described in Notification channel Email cannot integrate with Sendgrid.

from_adress – looks like you can put anything you want but I would recommend to put verified email address you have in SendGrid – check the Sender Authentication section.


Grafana configuration reference

550 Unauthenticated senders not allowed error code description.

Integrating with the SMTP API